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Ann Arbor Family Sessions

Oddly enough, this Florida girl lives for her time in Michigan and photography is the best excuse to do this every year! I love the cool crisp fall air and the colors, oh the colors! I make at least 1 annual trip for fall family photos in October in or near the Ann Arbor area. I communicate with all possible clients through e-mail or social media. If you would like to get info as it comes out, please send me your info and I will put you on the list. Each year I try to use a different location so you have different backgrounds. This year, 2022, I am not sure of the location yet, but it will be different than years past.

Upcoming Events- Fall 2023

Saturday, Oct 28, 2023

Sunday, Oct 29 2023

 Monday October 30, 2023

Sold Out

Sold Out

Mini Sessions- $300 (25 minutes)                                       
Full Sessions- $450 (60 minutes)

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