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We are Jeff and Leslie. We met in college and he was the boy next door! Well, he was best friends with the boy next door! Kyle introduced us and let Jeff stay there for oh-so-many weekends while he visited from Embry-Riddle to UCF. Go Nights! We got married 4 years into our courtship. Now almost 20 years have passed since we had our first date, when he took me flying in a 2-seater Cessna, at night! So many adventures have happened and our craziest has been parenting 3 little ladies who we are trying to raise as kind, self sufficient, and productive humans.

Jeff loves to eat fun food

While annually he eats his weight in fair food; all things fried. He loves smoked meats, tacos,  food truck things, hearty sandwiches, finger picked eats, and anything he sees on "Triple D."

We have been known to plan vacations around restaurants endorsed by Guy Fieri. He also loves flightsimulator, taking the little ladies to the park and telling planes what to do in real life.


Leslie loves pretty spaces

Our home was designed and DIYed by Leslie. She loves pretty tile, open spaces, and rooms that are bathed in natural light. She learned how to build things on her own so more of her ideas could come to life. Emmy Jay Photography was created so she could work from home raising Maggie, Emilee, and Josslyn. Give her a cup of coffee with cream and sugar (and a little bit of any flavor) and she is a happy girl! Donuts welcomed too!

We both love the little girls in this photo. They are the reason we conduct ourselves and our business the way we do. We want them to be proud of their mommy and daddy.
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