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We finally got snow!

I have been chasing the opportunity to have a snowy engagement session for over a year now! Emily and Mike officially booked back in October and were totally on board to wait for snow to schedule their engagement session. I have come to realize that the weather is unpredictable and here in Michigan I don't think that could be any more true! Of course I thought we would have snow in November, and we did, but I was out of town. How we got through December without a massive snow fall, I will never understand(but there was that dusting the night before my last wedding!!!!) Well, here we are in January with forecasted snow... on a Saturday! How lucky can one photographer get?! Not just that, but my Emmy Jay Bride was out of the country traveling for work all week! Everything came together and Mike had to come and get me because there was so much snow before the plows came through. My two wheel drive just doesn't want to leave my driveway in that much snow. Mike's 4WD was up for the challenge! We drove just a short, slow distance to a parking lot that was covered in inches and inches of snow and it was lined by trees. It was perfect!

In the warmth of the car, Mike and Emily learned their core poses and then we were all ready! Out in the biting cold we went and executed our session with smiles, kisses, and laughs; blankets, hats and mittens! It was one for the books! Just see for yourself!!!

All Done! Let's go get warm!


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