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Kim and Chris

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

They met in middle school and reunited years later. They stuck together and not only share a beautiful life, but the same last name! Their ceremony was an intimate affair at Journey's End Clubhouse in Lake Worth, FL. It was officiated by Kim's sister and you could feel the love behind each spoken word. The reception was also planned by Kim's sister as a surprise for the bride. It was a stunning even of lilac, silver, and burlap. The club house felt romantic with the purple uplights and beautiful centerpieces. They guests came for a party and the night delivered! It was a wonderful evening of love and life and a pleasure to be a part of!

It was then go time...

As the sun was setting we were able to steal the last few moments of daylight and captured a few beau

tiful portraits.

As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Chris Siska were introduced to their party they immediately had their first dance with all of their guests invited to join them on the dance floor.

The Parent dances followed with just as much sentiment.

After the Mother-Son dance, they invited the other siblings to come and join them, but in true Siska fashion, the entire family was invited and their circle grew.

The cake cutting was a "smashing good time" and the toasts were heartfelt and wonderful, even bringing the happy couple to tears.

Congratulation Kim and Chris.



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