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Ian and Molly

Ian is from a small town in the Netherlands and works as a fitness instructor, and Molly is a dancer/singer from a small town outside of Ann Arbor. They met while working aboard a cruise ship. They have travel to many exciting places all over the world. One of their first dates took place jumping off of 12 waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. Of all the place they have been, Molly said her favorite has to be Paris! She said they went on a road trip through Europe as a vacation between work contracts, rented a car and drove all the way from Rotterdam, Holland down to Spain and back up on the Autobahn. She said Paris was so romantic - but chilly! - with the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and of course, plenty of flaky croissants! Their courtship has been tested through distance apart as well, but in November, after spending the day in St. Lucia on Molly's first adrenaline zipline experience, Ian got down on one knee in their teeny tiny cabin. As tears welled in his eyes he said, "it doesn't matter where we are, all that matters is that we love each other. Will you marry me?" And of course, she said yes! He was holding the ring of her dreams- a gorgeous blue diamond with two white diamonds in white gold!

After hearing their story, I couldn't wait to meet up with them on January 6th! Molly and Ian had chemistry in front of the camera from the very beginning and their entire session was so much fun. They were up for anything, even in the chilly Michigan winter temps. Molly even braved a stunning short lacy blue dress for the last part of our session after the sun went down.



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