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“This is not a goodbye, my darling, this is a thank you.”                     -Nicholas Sparks

Exiting in Style

There are so many ways to exit your wedding, but did you know it doesn't have to be the LAST thing you do. Often, I hear brides wonder how an exit will take place and I assure them that it does not have to be at the very end of the night. Actually, it is better when it isn't. The more participants you have, the more fun the exit is and the more fun it is for pictures (selfish reason, I know). Many of the guests who are less likely to stay until the very end will stay until cake or dessert is served. This is usually the older crowd or those that have to get home and pay the babysitter, but they also want to be included in all of the fun. If you are thinking about an exit that you would like captured by your photographer, think about planning it shortly after cake is served. Your MC for the evening can make an announcement for your guest to meet at a specific location for a mock-exit. Your exit could include bubbles, confetti, sparklers or a number of other things. However, it is all about timing!

Waiting until after last call, when intoxication is at its highest point of the evening, may not be the best choice to place sparklers in everyone's hands. After dinner and a bit of dancing is the best because your guests are still hyped after doing the cha-cha slide and are excited to play with a sparklers! After the mock exit, have them follow you back in to your reception to dance the rest of the night away!

While you are contemplation a fun sparkler exit, I want to urge you to splurge a little for the maximum effect. Although the 10" sparklers seem great for a budget, they do not stay lit long enough to be used for their intended purpose. Essentially the 10" sparklers with waste every penny you spent on them. 20" sparklers are the minimum length that I recommend using, if you have enough lighters for your expected crowd. The most successful 20" sparkler exit that I have been privy to witness and photograph had 2 blow torches supplied by the venue that lit several sparklers at one time. This maximizes the burn time to be used for the exit and photography. If you do not have access to or do not want to be responsible for blow torches, 36" sparklers are your best option. They stay lit for the time that is needed for everyone to get their sparkler lit either via a cigarette lighter or sharing the light off of another already-lit sparkler. Both 20" and 36" sparklers can be used for writing in slow camera exposure.

For example, when people write alphabet letters with sparklers.

Talk with your photographer if you are deciding on a night exit. Flash photography is very important for great results with night photography and should be a skill your photography is experienced with. Emmy Jay Photography specializes in off- camera flash photography which is the secret to having your reception and night photography look professional versus resemble a point-and-shoot photo that creates a deer in the headlights result. Check out our latest Fran and Robert's wedding blog for some of the night photography that is necessary to complete your wedding memories from your reception and the romantic portraits the finalize the evening.



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