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Palm Beach Island's Engagement Session with Vince and Jeanne

It has been a busy few months and I am just now catching up on the blog…and I’m loving it! Vince and Jeanne had to reschedule their session twice, but Palm Beach on this evening for their engagement photos was the best time. We did a sunset session at an alternate location than we had planned (my new favorite!) and avoided some of the crowds while we captured the soft, glowy afternoon light. Vince and Jeanne are the absolute SWEETEST, and their playful, joy-filled love was so much fun to capture. They had the perfect “dressy” outfit to start and their pup, Zoe, joined in on the fun. And I loved it!!! Just you wait!

Vince and Jeanne: I cannot WAIT to capture your wedding day this "winter" in the Florida Keys. Thank you so much for spending the evening with me! I hope you enjoy scrolling through some of my favorites!

Zoe is the dog of honor!

We head to our 3rd location which was a private beach on the north end of the island. It was deliciously secluded for a romantic cotton candy sunset with teal blue rolling waves.

Love! Love! Love!

Lavender Dress: Bronx & Banco

French Garden and Fountain : Palm Beach Memorial Fountain

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