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Elegant Ann Arbor Wedding at The Michigan League

Since Julianne was 19 she has dreamed of having her wedding at the Michigan League. She and Tony met in Ann Arbor and both love this amazing town. They went to school here and fell in love here. However, work took them to a new place, but when they were planning their wedding they knew that Ann Arbor was the place they wanted to be to celebrate such an momentous occasion.

The day started off being surrounded by their family and friends as they scurried to get ready. There was so much excitement that this day was finally here.

Every detail was so well planned and thought out.

Tony and Julianne got ready among their family and friends in the same home in Ann Arbor and chose to see each other for the first time during a precious first look in the front door stairwell.

They left the house and headed out to see some of the most prominent sights of the University of Michigan and around ann arbor, their favorite town.

The boarded a trolly with their family and friends for a great afternoon of laughs and camaraderie.

Lastly, they headed back to the Michigan League to get married!

The party started after their first kiss as husband and wife as they recessed to DJ Khaled's "All I do is Win" and made it to the end of the aisle just as the words "and everybody hands go up..." played. It was perfection!!

Tony and Julianna wanted their guests to have the best experience and they wanted their wedding to be a complete celebration and just party the night away. The truly gave their guests a "red carpet experience" with photos to prove it! This is exactly how the wedding party was introduced!

After cutting into the MOST EPIC WEDDING CAKE of all time, I mean, it is The Big House!!! Complete with the happy couple on both jumbo-trons!! Cakes by Rubina honored their wishes with such an extravagantly stunning cake!

Both Tony and Julianne danced with his and her mom, respectively and then shared their first dance.

When the beautiful toasts were given and their appreciation had been showered upon their guests, the dance floor was on fire by music from DJ Jon Hennings. I did not want to leave! They invited the most amazing guests and this celebration was one for the books. The guests were from every aspect of thier lives from elementary, middle, high school, to ungrad, medical school, residency, fellowship, and current jobs. This couple was well loved and it was an honor to be a part of this celebration.

Makeup| @madisonmariemua @kathleenbergbeauty

Trolly| The Golden Trolley

Venue| The Big House, Michigan League, @uofmichigan, Law Quad, The Michigan Theatre

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