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Mr. and Mrs. Vandenberg

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Although their wedding played out completely different than they had been planning, Luke and Anna's wedding weekend played out perfectly. What was supposed to be a spring wedding, turned into a perfect summer wedding. Luke and Anna recited their vows before family and friends near and on social media! They had people FaceTiming in as well as a Facebook Live happening. Not all of their family members could attend due to Covid-19, but that is not to say they lacked being surrounded by love. Their guests donned face masks for the entire ceremony, as did their entire wedding party. It was clear to see the deep breaths of fresh air as the guests readied themselves for a bubble exit! The sun peaked out long enough to create a rainbow affect in the bubbles that kissed them as they exited the church. Congratulations on becoming Husband and Wife! The party resumed the very next day where we were all graced with gorgeous weather and beautiful breezes. We couldn't have asked for anything more as their guest gathered around for food, laughs and corn hole on personally made corn hole boards by the groom himself. It was a wonderful event to be a part of and I wish Luke and Anna nothing but happiness and love for the rest of their days! Cheers!



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