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Mr. and Mrs. Bowyer- A summer wedding in Ann Arbor

It sure has been a wild ride for this wedding coming to fruition. Wedding planned 3 different times, Erica might have a new career after this day! Emmy Jay Photography was able to capture her micro wedding to Mike last year and it was a beautiful event, but WOW, this year's wedding was an event to be remembered! From the gorgeous blooms by ; Tinted Tulip, cake pops by A Serendipity Cakery, all the dresses, suits, and robes that the bridal party adorned throughout the day, and so many other special touches to be enjoyed by their guests. Keep scrolling to just see some highlights.

Flawless make up by the very talented Joanie Hall of Beauty Bar & Boutique

Gift giving is such a sweet tradition between bride and groom and check out these Star Wars rings that Michael said were exactly what he needed!!

Debonair. Handsome. Michael.

To see the bond Erica has with her mom just warms my #girlmom heart. Erica's mom had the privilege to button up her baby girl's dress while looking incredible in her own right. These two women looked spectacular!

I loved the "first look" between Erica and her bridesmaids. It was especially fun because the bridal suite had the beautiful french doors that helped her make an stunning entrance!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the grace and classic beauty that is completed with this veil.

The sweetest first look was planned so Erica could spend a bit of alone time with her dad.

The courtyard of The Kensington Hotel was beautifully decked for this summer wedding.

When you leave the flower girl alone and let her do her thing: Results below

I am not sure if you followed along on my Instagram about how we came to take photos in this gorgeous backyard....but here is the summery... The location for this photo is a random man’s back yard. I was driving around Ann Arbor looking for some willow trees (per the request of Erica) and drove behind this house and hit the jackpot. I could only see the willow trees from the street, but thought it only right to ask permission. So I drove around to try and find the front of his house (not as easy as you’d think). I finally pulled up in his driveway and he perfectly timed pulled up behind me. I awkwardly told him I was scouting for a wedding and asked if I could use the willow trees. He immediately got so excited and asked if he could show me other things too! He was more than thrilled to be part of this wedding and I’m pretty sure he spent the rest of the night cleaning and prepping for our wedding party’s arrival because it was perfect when we showed up. It was so heart warming, as a stranger, to be welcomed into the intimate space of Mr. Jeff’s beautifully manicured oasis! The love of a stranger was felt by this wedding party and this wedding photographer!

Mr. Jeff's back porch!

And of course we had to stop at The Big House for these two University of Michigan Alums

Toasted and loved on by so many people. I'm so glad they got audio of the toasts!

The parent dances were also special. Mike danced and serenaded him mom and Erica and her dad sweetly slow danced until a surprise interruption caused them to be in the middle of a perfectly executed choreographed dance that I am sure their guests will be talking about for years to come!

Congratulations Mike and Erica, may the wind be always at your back and may it be smooth sailing from here.

Wedding Dress: Essence of Austrailia

Cake: A Serendipity Cakery

DJ: Joe Maroon Entertainment Group

Videographer: Jarmax Production

Florist: Tinted Tulip

Venue: The Kensington Hotel Ann Arbor



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