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Matt and Lara's Colorful Worth Avenue Engagement Session

For the first time, Instagram has convinced me of its power. Prior to getting a DM from Lara, I thought posting images was just a way to show off what I have been working on to my little community; people I already knew and who were already customers or friends. She found me using a hashtag and we clicked! Lara and Matt moved from upstate New York and have totally embraced South Florida as their home. They love everything about the area and are just living their best life here! Tanned skin and salty kisses really are part of an amazing lifestyle. So of course we headed to the quintessential Palm Beach location of Worth Avenue, the Clock Tower and sunsets on Palm Beach for their South Florida engagement session and it was just a perfect evening!

Via Parigi was the tropical backdrop that Lara was looking for. The green of the palms and her lime green dress and Matt's Palm tree print shirt really brought those Miami Chic vibes. Don't overlook his blue suede loafers and her chunky heel rainbow pumps.

When the light is just perfect, magic is made. Worth Avenue seems to always have perfect light- Early morning sessions or sunset golden hour, there is always so much beauty on this one strip. Matt and Lara perfected the dip, and it will forever be known to them as the Nashville dip!

They were even up for a taking some photos on my bike. It was just the sweetest. I brought it along just in case and boom, so good!

Lara AND Matt's second outfits were on point. Their chic style was poppin'.

Such a spectacular evening with a gorgeous sunset as the clouds reflected beautiful cotton candy colors. I am so excited to soon blog their wedding day that is promised to be full of South Florida charm for all of their north guests! Congratulations Matt and Lara!

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