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South Florida Christmas Tree Farm

I've been on the hunt for a Christmas tree farm in Florida for my entire life, but I didn't know it until I moved to Michigan and returned to Palm Beach County 3 winters later. When we moved back to West Palm Beach, we had a wasting space in our backyard. Jeff and I brainstormed on what to do and he ultimately left it up to me and my crazy ideas. So Emmy Jay Tree Farm was born. My girls and I worked on a wood sign and Jeff and I came up with a plan to clear out the back yard space, which took about 18 months and a lot of sweat equity and heavy machinery.

In September of 2022 we officially opened the tree farm, and it wasn't until the 2nd family came for photos that the idea to have night sessions was born. There were a few logistical hurdles, but I learned how to hardwire landscape lighting! We had welcomed 42 families who came through from sun up to beyond sun down and it was magical. I couldn't even wait a week after the tree farm closed for the year until I was trying to figure out what's next. So for the 2023 tree farm, we added a beautiful pergola, 6 more trees, and the best part... falling snow!!

We still have the music, twinkling lights, added more trees, and a bit of flocking (the white snow that stays on the trees) and the floating stuff from the sky, sort of.

The best part of building a tree farm in my backyard, is that I get to set the rules of allowing animals. Your furry family members are welcome to join you for family photos! I would suggest that you bring them on a leash because we have so many new smells and we are by the water. The tree farm is actually attached to the studio, so if you need to give you pups a break from their camera time, they can head in there and watch all the action from the window.

The night sessions have a perk that no other session has...

The mood changes completely with the lights twinkling behind the pergola, and if the weather works out, the sunset is amazing from the dock at the studio.

We are so glad to have this space in our lives and we can't wait to share it with you!

If you would like to book a Night Session for $450: Schedule here

If you would like to book a Day Session for $375: Schedule here



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