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Francine and Robert

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Francine and Robert met one night and as Fran had just come to town, She said it may not have been love at first sight, but after meeting up another night and making the best from other people's cancelled plans, she said they were then inseparable. She had fallen for this blue-eyed cowboy. Fran and Robert both work with and share a passion for horses. They planned their wedding on the grounds of Robert's farm and stables. The wedding was planned while Fran has been fighting the ultimate fight against breast cancer. She was diagnosed in late October 2018 and within a few days had a treatment plan and began chemotherapy. She has taken on the role of Wonder Woman and fulfills it perfectly. To be witness to her strength, beauty and persistence was inspiring and up-lifting. Pink is Fran's favorite color and happens to also be the color to symbolize the fight for a cure for breast cancer. She intertwined it beautifully in so many aspect on her wedding day and it was a honor to be able to capture so much of her and Robert's stunning and heart warming day as they were surrounded by friends and family from near and far, some even traveling to Loxahatchee, Florida all the way from Quebec, Canada. Congratulations Fran and Robert!

Fran is sporting her flowing curls for her reception and her pup Elmo was happy to see her back at the party.

Robert and Fran had their first dance together for a brief lovely moment and then invited everyone to join them. They each shared this danced with other special people in their lives.

Rocking her pink Chucks!

He sang a song for his Frannie, that was just beautiful.

The cake was decorated in pink flowers, but the inside surprise was ... funfetti and pink icing! The pink was also represented on the dessert table which was covered with options ranging from lollipops, to m&ms; chocolate balls, and even doughnuts!

Fran created a Think Pink Raffle Box in support of her nurses who take special care of her during her treatments. She said the women that care for her are extra special and make this fight just a bit easier. She wanted help to thank them for the job they do so well! During her intro for the raffle my littlest photography assistant asked her to take a picture and she ever so kindly obliged.

The party kicked off after dinner and never slowed. I had to peel them away for some quick end of the night shots, but it was so worth it!

Congratulations, Robert and Francine. I can't wait to photograph you in the ocean.

Wedding Planner:Karma Goddess

Flowers: Kish Events

Valet: Freddie Furtado’s Valet Parking

Paella: Paella Master

Cake: Publix

Tent: Platinum Tents

Makeup Artist: South Beach Makeup



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