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Emily + Tate's Florida Wintery Engagement Session: White City Park

Meeting in high school did quite not flip the switch. They were just friends. It wasn't until they met up a few years later on a ski trip out west, with mutual friends, that they felt the spark. They completely hit it off and rekindled any little flickers that they may have had in high school and have been inseparable since!

Emily, Tate, I met at a bridal show a while back and they were the last couple to come by my booth at the very end of the show. While most couples were sitting down watching the center stage entertainment, they sauntered up together. I am so glad they came by when they did because we had enough time to chat and struck up a little conversation. They ended up winning with one of my scratch-off tickets and we were able to get together for this gorgeous engagement session. It may have been THE COLDEST Florida day of the year. I'm pretty sure it was in the low 50's through their entire engagement session. I even brought some single use hot pads for Emily to hold during the session. (I used to do this in Michigan on a regular basis after I learned about it!) I'm pretty sure they were creating their own heat though

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